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About Tui Tender

From our own experiences and from many conversations with friends, family and colleagues, we all realised how tedious the whole process of searching for and booking accommodation for personal holidays and business trips can be.

We’re all busy people and none of us has the time or wants to spend hours, trying to find the best accommodation deals.

Tui Tender streamlines this often exhausting process for you. We have developed a fast and easy way for you to find the very best accommodation deals available whenever you’re looking to book your next trip.

Here's how it works...

Using our express Tui Tender checklist, in under a minute, you can quickly and easily tell us about your travel accommodation needs.

Tui Tender then immediately contacts our extensive directory of accommodation providers, inviting each of them to speedily submit their most competitive deal, to secure your specific booking.

Once we see the deals starting to arrive, we’ll instantly notify you so that you can quickly log in and check out the very best available deals, hot off the press and designed especially for you. Then you simply select the best deal. It couldn’t be easier.

Here's why it works so well for everyone...

Demand for holiday and business travel accommodation varies, depending on the season and events. When demand is low, accommodation providers often have exceptional deals on offer and sometimes the available deals can change by the hour.

Tui Tender ensures that you never miss out. Now you can take advantage of the very best accommodation deals available, without wasting your precious time contacting countless accommodation providers.

It’s great for you because you get the best available deal, every time.

It’s great for the accommodation providers who want to fill their empty rooms.

It really is that easy...and it's FREE!

It really is that easy...
and it's FREE!

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